"Seeliger Drilling Services" was founded in the United Arab Emirates in April 2000 by Joerg Seeliger in Abu Dhabi.

Our professional experience in the field "Horizontal Directional Drilling" began in March 1991 in Germany.


Through our years of experience and good cooperation with manufacturers and suppliers, we can assist you in a wide spectrum.

We give you a professional support!

To our most unusual reference certainly include the pedestrian tunnel in Abu Dhabi and Doha. Since 2001, we have completed in collaboration with the company Bauer International in Abu Dhabi with a unique process already 27 tunnel under difficult conditions. Alone by targeting of over 1055 holes well below 1% (<5 cm) were tolerance, we were able to convince our quality. All of these holes were created by a conventional measurement technique between depths of 1.5m to 10m.

ion of special facilities and successfully put into practice.